Finalizing The Design

These socks are for anyone who might need a little help or just want a better way to pull their socks on.

Finding the Manufacturer

We finally found the right manufacture.  They have provided us the right quality, the right fabric, they did an amazing job printing our new designs, and the functionality and fit are there!

Product Testing

I worked with physical and occupational therapists to ensure the pulley hole was the correct size and that their patients would be able to use these with ease.


We went through so many different manufactures trying to find a company to help us perfect the sock.  So many came back incorrect.  We have piles and bags of incorrect socks….

Meeting Susan

I started with a very basic design, and built on that until I met Susan.  She turned my dollar store designs into something beautiful.

The Perfect Socks

I was searching for a sock to help Coen, but there was nothing on the market.  So I developed a sock designed to functionally help him become more independent.