Sockietalkies: Lift Me Up, Youth Medium


This 3 pair pack of multi colorful unisex socks are sized youth medium fits average age 5-11 years. Our selection is called I Love you and includes these styles “Love you more than all the stars.” it is a navy base with red, gold and white accents. “Hey you, you are amazing!” Gray base with white arrows pointing up. “I have faith in you.” light gray base with aqua toe and heal, blue peace sign.


This pack of three pairs of vibrant, unisex socks is sized for youth medium, fitting the average 5-11 year old. Our collection, named “I Love You,” features styles such as “Love you more than all the stars,” with a navy base and red, gold, and white accents; “Hey you, you are amazing!” on a gray base with white arrows pointing upwards; and “I have faith in you,” with a light gray base, aqua toes and heels, and a blue peace sign. These Easy Pull On Adaptive socks are designed for individuals with dexterity challenges and for those who prefer an easy-to-pull-up sock. Begin your day with an uplifting phrase and use the pull holes for a swift and simple fit.

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