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Shriner Hospital has been an integral part of the development, history, and progress for Beedle Bugs and for our family. We are a part of the Proud Supporter Program to provide SockieTalkies to Shriners to help families learn and navigate adaptive clothing.

When you purchase this donation item, this covers the cost of the SockieTalkies and shipping to Shriners Hospitals for Children-Spokane. We also include your name as a part of the donation list. The donation will be directed to a patient receiving care at the Spokane Shriners Hospital, and when they receive the donation with the attached packing slip, they will provide the donor with an acknowledgement letter that also serves as tax receipt.

For more than 90 years, families seeking the best orthopedic care have chosen Shriners Hospitals for Children — Spokane. What began as a mobile unit in 1924, has grown into a beautiful, state-of-the-art, 30-bed hospital treating thousands of patients each year.

The Spokane Shriners Hospital staff treats children from birth to age 18. We see patients from Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Canada, as well as other national and international locations. We are currently accepting new patients. For more information: click here

Coen’s experience at Shriners is nothing like anywhere else he has been.

It is the one place that Coen willingly wants to visit. Because of his health issues, mainly early on, he has been around…. in terms of clinics, hospitals, appointments and procedures. He’s a bit of an expert.

At Shriners, the difference is that he is not scared and does not fuss when we go. He receives excellent treatment from all the outstanding professionals who work there. He is comfortable. They talk to him and not over him and through us. They read his body language and can tell if he is getting anxious. More than his cerebral palsy, he is on the autism spectrum. He may seem like he is not listening, but he is. He is always aware. I love how they show him so much respect.

He has had a variety of services at Shriners.  Currently he has physical therapy.  In the past he has had botox treatment for his Cerebral palsy, AFO’s or splints, and, most recently, a 2nd motion analysis session. The first one was several years prior.

The latest experience Coen had was something called Motion Analysis. It is super high tech and very cool! What the process does is analyze the way he walks through technology so they can understand the best way to fit his braces and predict his future needs. These little electrodes are put all over his body (they gave us some to take home to practice with first, smart!). It is always best for Coen to know what is going to happen first, so he is not scared and has a better understanding.

The procedure also measured his foot pressure on a special mat. His foot does not lay flat as most of ours do. They can see where the weight hits his foot and how his foot moves as he walks. They also measure his muscle activity. It was a long process, but interesting too! The staff was more than impressive, communicating with him every step of the way and encouraging him the entire time. They also recognize that it is a long appointment.  They allowed him breaks and gave him all the time he needed to start back up again.   When it was all done, they were able to share his own personal “movie” of him walking. They turned him into a little football player and an astronaut. That was the prize at the end of the long visit. We went away from this appointment feeling good about the entire process knowing they have some great data to help him as he grows, which is happening so fast!

Each time we go it is welcoming, warm, and safe. Everyone from the security guard to the Doctors have his best interest and comfort in mind. It is an experience that is hugely different from some other clinics and offices we have been to.  We look forward to our weekly PT visits!


We love Shriners Hospital!

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Donate SockieTalkies to Shriners Hospital

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