Kindness, Growth and Development

I picked Coen up from school around 11:30 am, School just started back recently on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. After a long Spring and Summer together, I finally gave into allowing him to have McDonald’s. I know what you are thinking, I think it too. Coen is now 11 and this is the first year I have purchased anything but ice […]

Happy Birthday!

His first hours You could see the worry, the sadness, and concern in even the most seasoned doctors. Maybe it was because Lindsay worked as a nurse at this very hospital and her mother was currently a NICU nurse there and had been for 30+ years. These doctors knew her well and they were sad […]

The Day Coen Was Born

The Day Coen Was Born It was a Sunday evening.  Vince and I were cozy and settling into a relaxing, quiet evening sitting in the living room, warmed by the crackling fire and just relaxing for a change. Our first grandchild, a grandson, Coen, was going to be arriving the next day! Our daughter-in-law, Lindsay, […]