Have you ever had a secret admirer?

Have you ever had a secret admirer? For years I have been setting homemade Valentine treats… on an acquaintance’s doorstep with a card and a personal message, one that I hope encourages her, it’s always signed “Your secret admirer.” I do not know this person very well, we have probably only spoke a few times […]

He Played!

He Played! I work from home with Coen here most days. When I work, it’s in increments of 10 and 22 minutes.  If Coen is on his own crawling around, I will have to check to see what is happening about every 10 minutes. If he is watching a TV program, like Sid The Science Kid or Daniel Tiger, I have about 22 minutes to come back and check on […]

Happy Birthday!

His first hours You could see the worry, the sadness, and concern in even the most seasoned doctors. Maybe it was because Lindsay worked as a nurse at this very hospital and her mother was currently a NICU nurse there and had been for 30+ years. These doctors knew her well and they were sad […]

The Day Coen Was Born

The Day Coen Was Born It was a Sunday evening.  Vince and I were cozy and settling into a relaxing, quiet evening sitting in the living room, warmed by the crackling fire and just relaxing for a change. Our first grandchild, a grandson, Coen, was going to be arriving the next day! Our daughter-in-law, Lindsay, […]