Sockietalkies began with a sweet, simple idea inspired by my grandson, Coen, who is now 14 years old and has cerebral palsy. Despite enduring three brain surgeries in his early weeks of life, Coen’s resilience shines through. From the moment he was in that tiny incubator, I whispered to him, “You are strong.” As he grew and started talking, I added, “and capable.” The first design I created was “You are strong and capable,” featuring a big strong growing tree.

Coen, a beautiful, smart, and strong boy, he continues to surprise us with his abilities every day. BeedleBug, the parent company of Sockietalkies, aims to inspire and uplift with messages of hope and motivation. Our products are crafted with care, using the soft cotton, an almost seamless toe and a Y shaped heal for comfort. Keep an eye on us…..we have more products to add in the future!

“There are many things that make Coen special, like the bright twinkle in his eye, and his devoted grandma, Linda.  Coen has cerebral palsy and Linda always looks for ways to remind him he is strong and capable.  That includes inventing a whole new kind of sock! She created BeedleBug Sockietalkies, the only sock with a pulley and uplifting message of hope and motivation on the toe!  The pulley (and embroidered ring at the top of the sock) allows Coen and others like him to have more independence simply by having the ability to pull up their own socks.  Yesterday, they donated over 100 pairs to kids at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital so more kids can be inspired by the sweet messages and feeling of accomplishment.  Thanks, Coen and Linda!

The Journey

The Perfect Socks The Perfect Socks
Meeting Susan Meeting Susan
Prototyping Prototyping
Product Testing Product Testing
Finding the Manufacturer Finding the Manufacturer
Finalizing The Design Finalizing The Design
SockieTalkies Are Finally Here! SockieTalkies Are Finally Here!

The Perfect Socks

Meeting Susan


We went through so many different manufactures trying to find a company to help us perfect the sock.  So many came back incorrect.  We have piles and bags of incorrect socks….

Product Testing

I worked with physical and occupational therapists to ensure the pulley hole was the correct size and that their patients would be able to use these with ease.

Finding the Manufacturer

Finalizing The Design

SockieTalkies Are Finally Here!

Looking To Donate Socks?

Since our founding we have had individuals reach out who want to donate pairs of SockieTalkies to their favorite organizations. Please use our contact page to reach out and we can discuss how to send SockieTalkies to the organization of your choice.