The Only Sock With A Pulley

Sockietalkies started with a sweet, simple idea inspired by my grandson, Coen.  Coen is 11 years old now and has cerebral palsy.  He endured 3 brain surgeries in the first weeks of his life.  The only thing we had to hold on to in those first few weeks was hope and faith. From the time he was in that little isolate I whispered to  him “You are strong” as he grew and started talking I added “and capable” The first design I made was “You are strong and capable” with a strong growing tree. Coen is a beautiful, smart, strong boy.  He surprises us with his abilities everyday!

Never Give Up!


Why the Pulley?

There are many things that make Coen special, like the bright twinkle in his eye, and his devoted Gigi, Linda.  Coen has cerebral palsy and Linda always looks for ways to remind him he is strong and capable.  That includes inventing a whole new kind of sock! She created BeedleBug Sockietalkies, the only sock with a pulley and uplifting message of hope and motivation on the toe!  The pulley (and embroidered ring at the top of the sock) allows Coen and others like him to have more independence simply by having the ability to pull up their own socks.  In the past, they have donated hundreds of pairs to kids at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital so more kids can be inspired by the sweet messages and feeling of accomplishment.

Simple, Independence

BeedleBug is the Mama company for Sockietalkies and other companies that are coming soon.  Our products are meant to be inspiring and uplifting with messages of hope and motivation.  Living a beautiful life! We will always use the finest materials we can source and bring you high quality products made with love, thought and care.

We started Sockietalkies with just three designs. They are titled, Love You, I Am Strong And Capable, and You Are Music To My Heart.  We used our budget designing, producing, and starting up a small business. With your support we want to add a toddler line, a ton more fun designs and inspiring sayings, and athletic socks. The latest new designs we were able to add to the mix were adult women’s sizes and a men’s 3 pack. Our goal is to help as many people as possible who have dexterity issues or those who simply want to begin the day with a positive start!

Patented Comfort

We are so proud to have a U.S. Patent for our unique sock design. We set out to create a quality sock that improves lives and is designed to be adaptive. 

With comfort and adaptability in mind, Sockietalkies will inspire you daily without the pulleys wearing out from use.

We know kid’s clothing can wear out just as quick as we get them, so we reinforced each stress point to prevent tearing and loose threads. 

Steps for teaching your child to put on the Beedlebug Socks as seen in PSN magazine

  1. Pick up the sock and look for the toe and heel parts of the sock.
  2. With the toe part facing away, slip thumbs into the opening at the top of the sock and through the thumb holes located on the side of the sock.
  3. Gently stretch the sides of the sock open using an outward pulling motion to reveal the sock opening.
  4. Insert the foot into the sock opening and pull upward to get socks on.
  5. Adjust the socks as needed to ensure the toe/heel portions are aligned.